Gucci – Interaction of Heritages and Haute Couture

When you are talking about Italian luxury then our collection of Gucci handbags will be the gem that you can not even dream to find. Considering its excellence in tailoring, willingness to innovate, and signature details, Gucci has been the leading fashion brand and leading the way in fashion since 1921.

Explore Gucci’s Rich Heritage

When you explore the rich heritage of Gucci and find out the intriguing history behind the emblematic company. Designed originally by Guccio Gucci as a small workshop in Florence, Italy which produced leather goods, Gucci has now become the iconic fashion brand whose designs are worn by celebs all over the world. Derived from the equestrian realm Gucci’s early pieces included embossed horse-bit ornaments and premium materials and thus foreshadowed the company’s future development.

Through the years, Gucci handbags became more than a leather goods brand to be extended to ready-to-wear clothing as well as accessories, not to forget, the famous handbags of the Gucci brand. From the popular iconic GG logo to its emblematic green and red stripes, Gucci’s design is without doubt identifiable and associated with luxury and refinement. Read More

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